VW Golf GTi Edition 35
I can honestly say that the Milltek is the most superior exhaust in fitment, sound quality, and performance I've seen.
Milltek Sport has a proud history of producing extremely successful special edition exhaust systems to coincide with the release of the official Volkswagen celebration models.

Back in 2002, Volkswagen released a limited edition version of the Mk4 Golf GTi, called the 337 Anniversary, to celebrate 25 years since the birth of the market-redefining hatch.

Among many standout features of the 337 Anniversary was the fitment of a single round exhaust tailpipe instead of the twin-outlet of the regular GTi model. After talking to some of the 337 Anniversary customers, Milltek quickly realised that it needed to produce a single-outlet version of its GTi exhaust system to help maintain the identity of the special model. A decision that proved extremely popular among owners of the 337 Anniversary.

Then, five years later in 2007, Volkswagen released the Edition 30 of the already acclaimed Mk5 Golf GTi, to mark 30 years since the Golf first hit the showrooms. The ED30 came with more power (30bhp more), a body kit, special alloy wheels and some interior styling nods to the original Mk1 GTi – such as the golf ball-style gear knob. Milltek understood that owners of special-edition vehicles would rightly like their cars to stand out from the crowd, so they launched a special edition of their Mk5 GTi exhaust which featured unique dual-skin tailpipes.

Fast-forward a further five years and Volkswagen released the 35th Annivesary edition of their Mk6 GTi. As with the Edition 30, the Edition 35 features more power (25bhp) and a smattering of cosmetic tweaks.

Milltek’s Mk6 GTi exhaust system has become the benchmark system throughout the World and they will be launching a very special version specifically for owners of the Edition 35. We’ll have more details on this very shortly…


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