Nissan Juke 1.6 DIG-T
Just fitted a Milltek resonated exhaust on my '08 R8! Man...what a sound...should have done this ages ago. It's not too loud, just a little louder, and enough that I'm driving everywhere with the window cracked open!
Milltek exploded onto the Nissan tuning scene back in 2009 when it launched its infamous Y-Pipe for brand new R35 GT-R. Sales of the Y-Pipe, and later, with the launch of their Road and Race 90mm exhaust options, went from strength to strength and now they’re reaching further into the Japanese-marques’ model line-up with the Juke.

The development of the Juke performance exhaust system is being carried out in conjunction with legendary Japanese tuner and GT-R specialist Litchfield Imports.

Milltek currently has Litchfield’s 1.6 DIG-T Tekna model in its UK development facility and has already begun work on giving the Juke’s 188bhp turbo-charged engine a power boost, sharper throttle response and, of course, endowing it with that split-personality sound quality that Milltek has become renowned for – that is - it will remain quiet when cruising and only release its full sporting voice under full acceleration – exactly when you want it.

Litchfield Imports has already released a number of other upgrades for the Juke, including an ECU remap, recirculating and dump valves and suspension enhancements.

We’ll have progress reports on the development of the exhaust system here very shortly…