Audi TT Mk1 Race Exhaust
Go for a Milltek exhaust for a cheap insurance mod. My TTR went up to 236bhp and a strong pull to the red line.
Milltek Sport has released an all-new, sharply focussed 3-inch ‘Race’ exhaust system for the 180 and 225 versions of the Audi TT. As the title sponsor/supplier of the Milltek Sport Volkswagen Racing Cup and technical partner to the BTCC, the Derbyshire firm has extensive experience in getting the very best from all VW Group platforms.

As the nomenclature of this new system suggests, the latest Milltek Sport system release, takes no prisoners in the pursuit of ultimate performance. Much louder and more serious in both its tone and construction, the Milltek Race system is designed for race and track day car owners that want to extract every ounce of horsepower from their TT. Although packing a very purposeful exhaust note by design, the race system will pass noise restrictions at almost all UK track days and still retains enough refinement and noise control to be used as a road system for more ‘press-on’ enthusiasts.

The system is based around a 3-inch (76mm) seamless tube construction and the entire assembly is made in Milltek’s Derbyshire factory from the finest non-magnetic stainless steel. Both cat-back resonated and non-resonated versions are available, as are de-cat or HJS 200 cell race cat versions. Put simply, almost any variation or configuration can be ordered to allow owners to dial in the perfect noise levels and conform to all appropriate race or road legislation.

The smart tailpipe trims are the popular 100mm GT items, which can be ordered in either Black, Polished or Titanium finish. The exhaust fits directly under the rear valance of any 225 model, but for those running a 180 model, the common mod of the 225 rear valance will need to be fitted to allow access for the second tailpipe.

As you might expect, performance gains are significant, with both cars benefitting from significant power and torque improvements throughout the rev range. When combined with aftermarket performance software upgrades, these gains start to become truly significant, really making the most of the exhaust’s superior gasflow over the standard parts.

While power is significantly raised by several notches, weight comes down by a commensurate degree. Owners opting for the turbo-back de-catted and non-resonated version will see a reduction in mass of some 14 kilos! Now that is something you will be able to feel on race day!

For more information and pricing, contact your nearest Milltek Sport stockist.