BMW M5 E39 5.0 V8
Just fitted a Milltek resonated exhaust on my '08 R8! Man...what a sound...should have done this ages ago. It's not too loud, just a little louder, and enough that I'm driving everywhere with the window cracked open!
Milltek Sport has released full details of its complete exhaust solution for the phenomenal E39 BMW M5, widely regarded as one of the finest cars ever made.

The super-saloon has been out of production for over a decade now, and attentive owners will no doubt be thinking of replacing the ageing OEM exhaust with a similarly over-engineered system that will add performance and value to their prized possession.

Milltek Sport's new cat-back exhaust system and optional high-flow sports catalysts is the high-quality solution to that need.

As with all Milltek Sport systems, the entire exhaust is made from Type-304 aircraft-grade stainless steel that retains its colour and anti-magnetic properties far longer than the inferior grades used in some other setups. Use of this high-quality material delivers a useful weight advantage over the OEM system and also allows Milltek Sport to offer a lifetime guarantee on its products.

The cat-back package for the E39 BMW M5 is made up of three sections that slot together simply yet with millimetric precision: a Y-piece to collect the spent gases from each cylinder bank, and two separate silencers for each side of the vehicle. The system is constructed from an optimal pipe diameter of 63.5mm (2.5") and is mandrel-bent and flow-tested to ensure that nothing impedes the evacuating gases. Two pairs of 90mm jet-type tailpipes provide a visual flourish at the exit as well as beautiful amplification of the BMW's Motorsport-tuned V8.

Milltek Sport's attention to gas-flow maximisation ensures that owners who fit this system will enjoy a heightened driving experience. But for those that crave even more power and sharper throttle responses Milltek Sport is offering high-flow sports catalysts as an additional option. These German-made, race-proven HJS catalysts are integrated into Milltek's own conversion pipework so that the free-flowing filters connect perfectly between the OEM manifolds and the Milltek Sport cat-back system for the ultimate M5 exhaust solution.