Audi TTS Mk3 Quattro Coupe
I highly recommend Milltek exhausts, an Audi technician told me that it's the nicest sounding exhaust for these cars.
World-renouned performance exhaust manufacturer Milltek Sport has released details of its hand-finished stainless steel exhaust system for the latest generation Mk3 Audi TTS Quattro. Milltek Sport has taken many weeks and months of focused R&D time to perfect a system that balances looks, power and a sublime soundtrack in an attractive package.

Having already created several solutions for other recently released MQB platform cars, Milltek’s engineers already have enviable experience in getting the best from current wide range of Volkswagen Audi group vehicles fitted with the same base 2.0TFSI engine.

However this latest release is one of the first to feature Milltek Sport's HollowTek design technology. By using a bespoke configuration of reflection plates and chambers along with differing sizes and designs of internal perforated pipework inside the rear silencer, the engineers at Milltek have created a lightweight system requiring no "packing" material inside the silencer, this reduces weight and creates a deeper and more sporting tone to the exhaust with no resonance or drone inside the cabin. The system also utilises OE spec electronic valves to allow the driver to further customise the sound of the system via the cars built in Drive Select function.

The system is available in EC approved and race setups for both cat back and turbo back configurations.

The system is now available to order from all Milltek Sport approved stockist world wide.