New systems released for Seat Leon 1.4 & 1.8 and Mercedes A45 & CLA45 models
Respected exhaust manufacturer Milltek Sport has released details of its precision engineered stainless steel exhaust systems for SEAT’s popular Leon 1.4 MQB and 1.8T MQB chassis models and Mercedes A45 and CLA45 AMG models.

Over the past few months Milltek have focused valuable R&D time to perfect these systems to balance looks, power and their usual sublime soundtrack to each package.

SEAT Leon 1.4TSI MQB Cat Back Exhaust System

Milltek has bolstered its range of systems for VW’s Spanish cousin by adding another superb system to its range of SEAT products; the increasingly popular and highly tuneable 1.4 TSI model based on the MQB chassis.

Available initially as a cat-back system, the Milltek set-up is based around precision mandrel bent 70mm (2.75”) aerospace grade, non-magnetic stainless steel tube. The standard system on these cars is considered by many to be far too quiet, and the Milltek part adds a much nicer and more sporty tone through either a resonated or non-resonated centre section. This then terminates in a choice of GT80 trims in either Cerakote or Polished finishes. As with all Milltek systems, great care has been taken by Milltek’s R&D team to create a honed exhaust note that never drones or resonates at motorway cruising speeds – whichever option is taken.

In addition to both these aesthetic and sonic benefits, the Milltek Seat Leon system also adds a helpful weight saving into the equation, weighing in at some 2.5 kg less than the original parts.

Seat Leon FR 1.8 TSI Cat Back Exhaust System

The Leon shares the exceptional platform of its VW Group siblings and is to many a more stylish (and often better value) way of getting into rapid VAG ownership. With the advent of the new Milltek system, owners can also add a little extra style, a welcome aural improvement and a few more ponies into the equation at the same time.

With the standard Leon featuring a very flat and disappointing exhaust note, the new Milltek Cat Back system offers a real aural treat, balancing a crisp and sporty ‘bark’ at the top end when really pushing on, with a pleasant and non-resonant cruising tone giving a more leisurely motorway drive.

Currently Milltek offer a cat-back system for this model, which upgrades the rear of the car to include a dual GT80 trim set. This system can be ordered either resonated or non-resonated and fits neatly into the factory bumper aperture. The result is a very OEM-esque looking upgrade with a superb increase in note and power! Tailpipe trims can be ordered as either moody Cerakote black or a more traditional polished finish.

This system can also be ordered with a high-flow 200 cell HJS sports cat to balance road/race legality with excellent power gains and impressive 2.75" (70mm) diameter pipework.

Milltek Launches Mercedes A45/CLA 45 Exhaust Systems

Milltek Sport has released details of its stunning exhaust system for Mercedes’ high performance pairing of the A45 and CLA45. The hand-finished system offers exceptional gains in both power and torque, whilst maintaining a smart OEM appearance.

With both cars sharing the impressive AMG 2.0 Turbo charged 4 cylinder engine the new range of exhausts are available in a number of configurations to suit each owner preference, with cat back systems available as EC approved resonated and non-resonated systems with electronic valve control, and a louder non-valved race version for customers looking for a more track focused system.

The large bore downpipe options are available both with or without high flow 200 cell HJS high flow sports cat, compatible with both the OE exhaust system and the Milltek Sport cat back options, and when combined with the required Stage 2 ECU tune can help deliver some impressive power and torque gains.

All systems are constructed of the finest 304L stainless steel using 76mm/3” pipework that is mandrel bent for the optimum flow and reduction in backpressure. The system also shows good weight savings of over 8lb from the original too. Fitting neatly into the OEM bumper apertures, the Milltek CLA and A45 system looks, works and sounds very much like a Mercedes option upgrade. The perfect first modification for either car.

SEAT Leon 1.4 Prices From £620.02 + VAT for a non-resonated system with GT-80 Polished Trims

SEAT Leon 1.8 Prices From £568.65 + VAT for a non-res cat-back system with GT-80 Polished Trims

Mercedes A45 Prices From £773.65 + VAT for a non-resonated cat-back race system

Mercedes CLA45 Prices From £801.01 + VAT for a non-resonated cat-back race system

All Milltek Sport systems improve drivability and engine performance, without ever inducing unwanted harmonic frequencies into the cabin. Milltek exhausts are famed for their sophisticated tone which majors on dynamic improvements that really enhance the driving experience.

All featured systems are NOW AVAILABLE to order from Milltek Sport dealers worldwide