Vauxhall Corsa VXR gets Milltek Turbo-back and cat-back exhaust
Just fitted a Milltek resonated exhaust on my '08 R8! Man...what a sound...should have done this ages ago. It's not too loud, just a little louder, and enough that I'm driving everywhere with the window cracked open!
Milltek Sport has developed a complete stainless steel performance exhaust system for the new Corsa VXR 1.6i Turbo. The system is available as either a cat-back system or as a complete turbo-back system. The cat-back system consists of a centre section, rear silencer, and triangular-shape tailpipe to suit the Corsa’s distinctive rear bumper. It makes a deeper and sportier tone than the standard system and at a volume that remains comfortable inside the car. The single triangular tailpipe completes the system by subtly but effectively enhancing the appearance of the rear of the car.

The full turbo-back system adds a large-bore downpipe and hi-flow sports catalyst to the cat-back system. The large-bore downpipe removes the pre-catalyst and the main catalyst is replaced by a hi-flow sports catalyst. Not only does this further reduce backpressure and substantially boost gas flow but also, because it’s located within close proximity to the turbo outlet, it allows the turbo to spool up quicker and earlier in the rev range. The use of a high-quality Platinum-coated stainless steel catalyst means that emissions levels are maintained within legal limits.

With only the Milltek Sport turbo-back exhaust system fitted, power gains of 8 to 12bhp have been recorded but when used in conjunction with a remap; we have seen these gains soar to a massive 15bhp and 20lbs/ft of torque…on top of the remap. Extremely impressive gains from a relatively small engine!