Porsche Cayman S manifold-back system
The car feels night and day different with the Milltek fitted
Milltek Sport are putting the new performance exhaust system for the excellent Porsche Cayman S through testing and results in both performance gains and sound improvement are very encouraging. The system consists of free-flow manifolds + hi-flow sports catalysts, rear silencers (available including or excluding rear catalysts) and twin 90mm (3.5") Special tailpipes.

Reporting to the membership, the Cayman Club President was fulsome in his praise for the Milltek Sport system saying, "The Milltek complete exhaust system produced a healthy 21hp and 15lb/ft torque gain at the rear wheels. That's roughly 25hp at the motor or the equivalent of a 997 3.6 motor!" He continued, "The car now has a much more throaty sound but is quiet at idle thereby avoiding resonance problems. The exhaust gives the Cayman an angry snarl. I can't imagine that Milltek will be able to make these babies fast enough...the system is really that good." You can read the full report on the Cayman Club website.

The photo shows the cat-back system without rear catalysts. We'll have some photos of the manifolds / mufflers and catalysts very soon.