New Black Tips for Audi RS4 V8
I highly recommend Milltek exhausts, an Audi technician told me that it's the nicest sounding exhaust for these cars.
Milltek Sport has just released a new special "Satin Sheen" Black-tipped version of their already highly-acclaimed exhaust system for the B7 Audi RS4 V8. The new tips are the ultimate in stealthy and subtle upgrades to one of the most stealthy performance cars available.

The stainless steel tips are grit-blasted to provide surface texturing and are then etched before having the thermoset black powder applied. Curing the coating requires it to be exposed to elevated temperatures in an oven where the powder melts, flows out, and then chemically reacts to form a smooth and durable coating around the tip.

As with the existing Milltek system, the new black tips are available on both the valved and non-valved cat-back or full exhaust system options. The difference being that the valved version features Active Exhaust Valves or AEVs that operate in conjunction with the 'Sport' button (only on models fitted with the sport button). When closed, the exhaust system remains very quiet and subtle but, when open, project the full potential of the fantastic V8 engine.

See below for more photos or contact your nearest Milltek Stockist for more information.