Seat Leon Cupra K1 transformed!
Milltek Sport, in conjunction with Revo Technik, have transformed the Seat Leon Cupra K1 from a hot hatch into a red-hot rocket ship of a car.

By developing a turbo-back exhaust system with a larger diameter pipe, hi-flow sports catalyst, an eye catching tailpipe design and, an ECU remap from one of the World's most respected tuning firms, we've managed to create the car that the K1 was always meant to be.

The Cupra K1 is now running well over 330BHP and feels absolutely electrifying to drive. Milltek engineers tuned the sound of the exhaust to be aggressive but without droning but still be quiet when cruising around - needless to say they have hit those targets once again. The throttle response is now razor-sharp and the extra shove throughout the entire rev range will blow your Christmas socks off!

If you own a K1 and are interested in transforming the experience of driving, see your nearest Milltek stockist or contact Revo Technik.