BMW M3 V8 Convertible gets Milltek exhaust treatment
Finally bitten the bullet and had primary cat back Milltek exhaust fitted. Exhaust is only slightly louder than stock, nicely bassy at low revs, nice howl at higher revs. Main thing I changed the exhaust for…no drone. Used to suffer nasty in cabin drone at 2300-2800 revs, now long journeys are a real pleasure instead of having to keep the revs above or below the drone band.
Our previous-generation M3 products have proven to be extremely popular because of a unique combination of impressive power gains, aggressive but subtle styling, engineering perfection, and powerful but unobtrusive sound quality.

Once again, Milltek have shown a true understanding of the latest generation M3 models and has already seen an impressive number of E92 Coupe owners choosing to upgrade to its stainless steel cat-back system.

Following on from this success, Milltek have released an exhaust system for the Convertible model which offers all the same benefits as the Coupe's but is specifically engineered to work around the additional strengthening that BMW has used under the floor pan to compensate for the lack of roof.

The cat-back system features left and right-hand centre sections and a left and right-hand rear silencer configuration. To provide the subtle enhancement to the look of the car, Milltek have chosen to use quad 80mm Special tailpipes which are slightly larger than the standard tailpipes (as fitted by BMW) but offer a suitably more aggressive look.

Anyone looking to make their M3 more menacing by giving it a deeper and more aggressive sound without moving into boy-racer volumes need look no further!