Audi TT RS Performance Exhaust
Just wanted you to know that the car has been transformed after the exhaust fitting - it feels and sounds much more aggressive and for that sole reason, am extremely pleased...great product!
Road For customers looking for a lightning-fast throttle response, substantial drop in backpressure, a useful weight saving, more power, and a vastly improved soundtrack, the Milltek Audi TT RS Road System is the perfect choice. It combines all the regular benefits of a Milltek exhaust system with a subtle but powerful sounding exhaust note.

The TT RS features four catalysts, two primary (nearest the turbo) and, two secondary catalysts. The Road exhaust can be fitted as either a secondary catalyst-back system or, with the addition of the secondary cat-bypass pipes, a primary catalyst-back system. Neither option removes the primary catalysts so works exceptionally well with or without an ECU remap. Some cars, including Milltek’s own TT RS have already reached power figures in excess of 400bhp with only a remap and the Milltek Road exhaust!

Race Customers looking to attack the race track with an exhaust that achieves uncompromised gas flow, a useful weight-saving, peak operating efficiency and, an Audi Quattro-esque 5-cylinder burble that simply emanates “Power”, nothing fits the bill better than the Milltek Race system.

The race system employs a massive 100mm / 4” free-flow turbo elbow (see photo, right), feeding immediately into a high-flow 100 CPSI (cells per square inch) catalyst, via uninterrupted 76mm / 3” pipework, to a connecting pipe and finally, the rear silencer. The silencer itself has the same external appearance as the Milltek Road system but features trick race internals.

Videos of the Race System in action

Milltek understands that regardless of whether you intend to use your car mainly on the race track or mainly on the road, there are times when you want flexibility to do either. That’s why both the Road and Race systems are fitted with an Active Exhaust Valve which operates in conjunction with the TT RS’s Sport button to keep unwanted noise when cruising to a minimum.